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Hobbyfirst King Rearing Food High Energy-500g

Hobbyfirst King Rearing Food High Energy-500g
Hobbyfirst King Rearing Food High Energy-500g

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Hobbyfirst King Rearing Food High Energy-500g

Product information:

Hobby First King Hand Ranging Food High Energy 20/15 (high energy bird chick food with digestive enzymes)

 Food for raising birds 15/20 is an ideal food for raising all young birds up to the age of 7 days and all birds that need high energy such as small songbirds, red-tailed parrots, eclectus parrots and macaw parrots

 For animal use only, not suitable for human use

Ingredients: vegetable products, sugar, vegetable protein, oils, fats, minerals

Food Additives / kg (Vitamins and Minerals): Vitamin A 18,750 IU, Vitamin D3 1,800 IU, Vitamin C 90 mg / kg, Vitamin B3 82.5 mg / kg, Vitamin E 67.05 mg / kg, Vitamin B5 45 mg / kg, Vitamin B2 31.5 mg / kg, Vitamin B6 9 mg / kg, Vitamin B1 7.5 mg / kg, Vitamin B9 6 mg / kg, Biotin B8 1.5 mg / kg, Vitamin B12 0.075 mg / kg, Vitamin K3 1.5 mg / kg, Choline chloride 150 mg / kg Zinc 150 mg / kg, iron 75 mg / kg, manganese 37.5 mg / kg ,, copper 15 mg / kg, calcium 1.5 mg / kg, sodium 0.15 mg / kg.

Analysis: Protein 20.35%, Fat 15.64%, Fiber 1.31%, Ash 2.10%, Sodium 0.33%, Lysine 0.70%, Methionine 0.30%, Calorie Value per 100 grams 368 Kcal

How to use: Hand feed should always be prepared using lukewarm water (37 ° C). At the beginning, the mixture must be injected (light density). As the young grow, a thicker mixture is prepared (see table).

Warning: The mixture is prepared before each meal / it is preferable to prepare food in small quantities

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, at a temperature below 30 ° C,

And put in the refrigerator after opening

Production date, expiry date and batch number: see the number printed on the package, weight: 500g

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All our prices are VAT included