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Zolux , Medium Birds Food -2.5 Kg

Zolux , Medium Birds Food -2.5 Kg
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Zolux , Medium Birds Food -2.5 Kg

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  • Compound food for medium birds. 2.5 kg bag
  • The envelope is airtight and pressurized in an atmosphere of nitrogen, which protects the food from any penetration of insects and ensures the preservation of its nutritional qualities.
  • A complete diet rich in delicious flavours.
  • It is specially designed for the daily feeding of medium-sized birds such as: Curly, Conure, Fisher and Rose.
  • Provides a blend of flavors and textures that will stimulate and delight your birds.
  • This food ensures a healthy and balanced diet of 15 ingredients that is rich in millet and oilseeds (sunflower), contains vitamins and iron supplement for the health of the bird.

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All our prices are VAT included