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Zolux , Canary Food - 800 g

Zolux , Canary Food - 800 g
Zolux , Canary Food - 800 g

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  • Compound feed for canary birds |The envelope is 800 kg.
  • The bag is sealed and compressed in an atmosphere of nitrogen, which protects the food from any penetration of insects and ensures that its nutritional qualities are preserved.
  •  Specifically designed for the daily feeding of canaries, this blend is a combination of flavors and textures that will stimulate and delight the birds.
  • Made with canard-type grains (60%), rapeseed and vitamins, it will provide your pet with an excellent source of protein.

  • Installation:

 Cereals (including canary grass 60%), oilseeds, vitamins (corn, vitamin A 7500 e, vitamin d 3750 e, vitamin e 30 mg, colors e 102, e 131).

  • Analytical composition:

Crude protein 15.37%

 Fat 13.50%

 Raw Ash 4.70%

 Cellulose 7.40%

 Humidity 11.80%.


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All our prices are VAT included