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Brand: Inodorina Model: 2711
Inodorina  Green ,Ear Lotion For Pets -100mlProduct Details :Ear lotion is a certified Bio product, enriched with tea tree and almond oil. Ideal to clean the auricle in depth and protect it from dirt and other irritants ...
SAR 65.00
Ex Tax: SAR 56.52
Brand: Inodorina Model: 2728
Inodorina  Green ,Eye Lotion For Pets -100mlProduct Details :WITH ALOE, CHAMOMILE AND WITCH HAZEL EXTRACTS . lotion is a certified Bio product enriched with Aloe, Chamomile and Witch Hazel extracts . Ideal to gently clean the external eye area of the dog and the cat ...
SAR 65.00
Ex Tax: SAR 56.52
Brand: Inodorina Model: 4605
Inodorina  Roller For Remove HairProduct Details : Roller removes quickly and easily dirt and loose hair from all surfaces.How to use :Remove the cover and the protective film. Move the brush on the surface to be cleaned. When you finish replace the cover.It's washable and reusable...
SAR 45.00
Ex Tax: SAR 39.13
Brand: Inodorina Model: 2766
Inodorina  Spray Districante With Linen Oil Cats-100mProduct Details :Inodorina Detangling Spray is ideal while brushing the cat’s fur to eliminate knots and make it soft and shiny. Fast and easy to apply it does not require rinsing...
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
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