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Free Cabin Litter Box Free Cabin Litter Box
Best Selling
Brand: Pakeway Model: P006A
Free Cabin Litter BoxGive your friend a welcome privacy with the Cat Litter Box. The box provides a sleek oval shape and plenty of space inside for kitty to comfortably turn around, dig, and do her business. Dadypet hooded litter box offers a user-friendly design that both pet parents and kitties al..
SAR 155.00
Ex Tax: SAR 134.78
Litter Spoon Litter Spoon
Best Selling
Brand: Pakeway Model: P009
Litter Spoon-scoop with big surface , reduce the times to clean litter-There are two different types of holes on the scoop, big and small, can be used for all kinds of litter- curved handle..
SAR 20.00
Ex Tax: SAR 17.39
Brand: Pakeway Model: FW-A002
Pet Feeder & Drinking Bowls2 large capacity Spacious and can be used by several cats at the same time .automatic water refilling device .It looks attractive and the colors are beautiful .cleaning easy ...
SAR 110.00
Ex Tax: SAR 95.65
Brand: Pakeway Model: P002
Cat Tunnel Scratch Toyshape : tumbler curved base , the balls can move no matter where the cat touchesopen curved track :When the cat touches the ball, the smooth path keeps it spinning in the same orbit which makes the cat happyA circular cardboard scratcher that a cat can use with its claws.Catnip..
SAR 115.00
Ex Tax: SAR 100.00
Brand: Pakeway Model: A003S
Ge-mini pet comb - long haired..
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Brand: Pakeway Model: FW-A001
Pet drinking fountainrounded curved surface to effective isolation of long hair cat and dogs  neck hair  the probability of wet hair .2.5 liter high capacitySilent pumpeasy clen..
SAR 95.00
Ex Tax: SAR 82.61
Pet Nail Scissor-Elbow
Best Selling
Brand: Pakeway Model: A010B
Pet Nail Scissor-Elbow..
SAR 25.00
Ex Tax: SAR 21.74
Brand: Pakeway Model: A010B
Pet Nail Scissor-Flat..
SAR 25.00
Ex Tax: SAR 21.74
Brand: Pakeway Model: A012
Pet Scissor..
SAR 49.00
Ex Tax: SAR 42.61
Brand: Pakeway Model: A007A
Space Cat CarrierSuitable for long-distance use with urine buffer material.It has a comfortable handle that does not require any effort to hold it for a long time.High capacity.Easy to clean ...
SAR 145.00
Ex Tax: SAR 126.09
Cat Litter Box Folded Cat Litter Box Folded
Out Of Stock
Brand: Pakeway Model: P012
The litter box has plenty of space to accommodate all different sizes of cats .The litter box has a door on its side after the cat enters, which cannot be opened from the inside.There is also a door at the top for the cat to come out of.There are holes in the top of the box The litter stuck to the c..
SAR 139.00
Ex Tax: SAR 120.87
Cat scratching toy with seat Cat scratching toy with seat
Out Of Stock
Brand: Pakeway Model: F32
Cat scratching toy with seat- New design, stylish and durable- Sisal and velor things- And this article was just right for your cat.-Double layered with a plush faux-fleece and sisal rope cover.  upper platforms provide seating, and play;  Sisal-coated cat scratching posts provide cats wit..
SAR 115.00
Ex Tax: SAR 100.00
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