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Trixie Suckling Bottle Set 75ml
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Brand: TRIXIE Model: 4011905041933
Trixie Suckling Bottle Set 75mlThe Trixie Feeding Bottle Set is the perfect solution for feeding orphaned, sick, or newborn cats and dogs. The set includes a 57ml bottle, a cleaning brush, and three silicone nipples. The bottle is made from high-quality plastic that is ..
SAR 25.00
Ex Tax: SAR 21.74
Trixie care peds for eye surrounding area ,100 pcs
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Brand: TRIXIE Model: 293912
Trixie care peds for eye surrounding area ,100 pcsfor dogs, cats and other small animalswith nurturing cleaning lotion (aloe vera and provitamin B5)cleans gently from dust, dirt and contaminants..
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Trixie fingerlings for Ear care ,50 pcs
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Brand: TRIXIE Model: 293929
Trixie fingerlings for Ear care ,50 pcsThese innovative wipes provide you with everything you need to keep your pet's ears clean and healthy, without any hassle.What makes Trixie Ear Care Finger Pads unique:Easy to use: Simply slip your finger inside the wipe and gently wipe your pet's ear.Effe..
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 407806
Trixie ball fabricDescription:The Trixie Fabric Ball is a fun and engaging toy for cats of all ages. Made from soft cotton and polyester, it is gentle on their paws and gums. The ball is filled with catnip, which will entice your cat to play and bat it around. The small size..
SAR 20.00
Ex Tax: SAR 17.39
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 455129
Trixie  playing rod starfish fabric linen catnipFabric/linen (polyester/cotton mix), woodWith rustling foilWith catnipMeasurements: 45 cmThe specified Trixie measurements always refer to external dimensions.trixie Be Nordic Play Rod with Starfish..
SAR 30.00
Ex Tax: SAR 26.09
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 407906
Trixie playing rod with heart wood fabric,catnipMeasurements: 35 cmThe Trixie Playing Rod w/ Heart Wood/Fabric Catnip is a cat rod with a heart made of fabric and burlap on a cord, provided with rustling foil and catnip. Catnip has a great attraction for cats, and this toy will soon become your cat'..
SAR 25.00
Ex Tax: SAR 21.74
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 444112
Trixie playing rod with ray fabric linen catnipThis Polyester Playing Rod with Ray is another product that is part of the Trixie collection BE NORDIC. This toy is an effective tool to stimulate your pet's playing instincts or hunting skills and will surely provide fun, entertainment and plenty of ex..
SAR 30.00
Ex Tax: SAR 26.09
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 041094
Trixie set of balls with leopard print,plushplastic/plush (polyester)with bellcontent: 4 pcs.size : 4 cm ..
SAR 13.00
Ex Tax: SAR 11.30
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 24210
bottle set for dog and cat -120mlfor puppies and kittens of small, medium and large breeds3 silicone teats of different sizes (sterilizable)with lid and measuring spoon, 10 mlbottle 120 ml..
SAR 35.00
Ex Tax: SAR 30.43
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 25391
Flea and Tick Protection Powder for cats & dogssuitable for dogs and cats from 8 weeksactive ingredients: geraniol, lavender, icaridinrepellent effect against fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoesto be applied directly onto the pet..
SAR 69.00
Ex Tax: SAR 60.00
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 4011905411002
Set Balls For Cats 4pcs..
SAR 22.00
Ex Tax: SAR 19.13
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 407852
polyester/jutejute\fabricsize : 8 cm ..
SAR 15.00
Ex Tax: SAR 13.04
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