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Monello Adult Cat Hairball  Chiken and Fish Flavor
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Brand: Monello Model: N03265
Monello Adult Cat Hairball  Chiken and Fish Flavor  Product Details :Monello Adult Cat Hairball Control Chicken & Fish has been developed for pets that have problems with hair ingestion. Cellulose helps eliminate hairballs and prevent them from being released through vomit or from get..
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Ex Tax: SAR 21.74
Monello Adult Cat Salmon & chicken
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Brand: Monello Model: n03222
Monello Adult Cat Salmon & chicken Poultry viscera meal, Salmon meal Corn, corn grain, broken rice, soybean meat ,wheat bran, corn gluten meat, poultry fat, poultry liver hydrolyzed, flaxseed, wheat flour, dehydrated autolyzed beer yeast, SALMON OIL, sodium hexametaphospate, olive oil, refi..
SAR 25.00
Ex Tax: SAR 21.74
Brand: Monello Model: N16505
Monello Dog TraditionalMonello Dog Traditional is a specialty food that meets all nutritional needs of adult dogs. Selected ingredients found in the food, such as animal and vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals, provide health and energy for your pet. The traditional Monello Dog is easily diges..
SAR 196.00
Ex Tax: SAR 170.43
Monello Kitten Food   Chicken & Salmon
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Brand: Monello Model: N03204
Monello Kitten Food   Chicken & SalmonProduct Details :The new Monello Cat Kitten Salmon & Chicken contains no artificial colors or flavors. Its original formula has been mainly preserved, but with the addition of salmon flour and oil, high-quality and noble ingredients that support bo..
SAR 25.00
Ex Tax: SAR 21.74
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