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Brand: DAYANG Model: A105
Bird cage Small Size Dimensions:30.00cm x 23.00cm x 39.00cm..
SAR 50.00
Ex Tax: SAR 43.48
Brand: ferplast Model: ferplast
32,5 x 49 cmRegina is a small, elegant, round cage for canaries, exotic birds and other small birds. It is also available in a brass-coated version and can be placed on or hooked to one of our plastic stands. The base has two small plastic trays that make daily cleaning effortless. Like all Ferplast..
SAR 210.00
Ex Tax: SAR 182.61
Brand: biocenter Model: ybcw-140
Ceramic food plateEasy to clean..
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Brand: DAYANG Model: ِA25
Bird Cage Large Size : Large Dimensions:60 x 60 x 1.67cm..
SAR 890.00
Ex Tax: SAR 773.91
Brand: TRIXIE Model: Trixie-Small Animals-Care & Hygiene
Simple’n’Clean Cage Cleanfor bird and small animal homeslemon aroma provides a pleasant scentContents: 500 ml Hygiene should be a big topic in a bird cage or aviary. Otherwise unwelcome parasites can quickly spread and endanger your birds’ health. Regular cleaning is absolutely necessary. Our “..
SAR 35.00
Ex Tax: SAR 30.43
Brand: ferplast Model: ferplast
39 X 26X 37 CMGiusy is a basic, practical birdcage with a sturdy plastic base and wire mesh structure that has been varnished white. It is ideal for canaries or small exotic birds, it is comfortable and equipped with all the accessories your feathered-friend will need, including a plastic drinking b..
SAR 190.00
Ex Tax: SAR 165.22
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