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Small animals Food

Meal worms For Birds , Fishes , mice-200g-400g Meal worms For Birds , Fishes , mice-200g-400g
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Brand: SISO Model: Siso
Formulated with 100% natural worms rich in high protein, amino acids, vitamins and trace elementsHow to use: Apply 3-4 times a day, so that the amount ends within 5 minutesKeep after opening in a cool dry placeFor animal use only, not suitable for human use..
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Brand: duvo+ Model: 12270
Duvo+ | Small Animal Snack Food - 3.25 KgProduct details:- Delicious and varied food- Full of fiber and nutritious ingredients- Suitable for snacks for small animals..
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Bonnie Rabbits & Rodents Food 750g
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Brand: Bonnie Model: Bonnie Rabbit food
Bonnie Rabbits & Rodents Food 750gINGREDIENTS: Clover Pellet, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn, Sunflower Seeds, Peas, CarobFEEDING RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended to give 40-50 g (4-5 tablespoons) of product per day for Rabbits, 35-40 g for Guinea Pig, 10-15 g (1-1.5 tablespoons) for Hamster per pet..
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