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Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2201127054457999
flower decor pet NecklaceColor: light pinkMaterial: Cotton Blend(for cats and dogs)ا CM size neck width One size 20-30 1..
SAR 13.80
Ex Tax: SAR 12.00
Model: 223-S
FURminator  Long Hair deShedding Tool for Dogs & catProduct Details :This ingredient reduces hair loss by up to 90%. The stainless steel hair loss removal tip reaches deep into your dog's long thin coat to gently remove loose hair. The nozzle button cleans and removes loose hair f..
SAR 35.00
Ex Tax: SAR 30.43
Brand: Pakeway Model: A003S
Ge-mini pet comb - long haired..
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Brand: duvo+ Model: 12776
Giggle Ball - Orange For Dogs -9cmThe Giggle ball from duvoplus is a giggling toy for dogs. When the ball rolls, it makes a funny sound. The ball is made in durable rubber, the ideal interactive toy for your four-legged friend.Available pack sizes : | 9cm | orangeFor: DogsSturdy plaything ..
SAR 58.00
Ex Tax: SAR 50.43
Brand: Mioanimale Model: spdog18200610968
Grooming massage Glove Removes excess hairColor: blueMaterial: rubberFor cats and dogsCM size length width One size 23 17..
SAR 18.40
Ex Tax: SAR 16.00
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2201105379044868
Honey Jar Pet Bed  Material: 90% cotton, 10% polyester(for cats and dogs)Product MeasurementsCM size length width height One size 55 33 33..
SAR 211.60
Ex Tax: SAR 184.00
Brand: Inodorina Model: 2711
Inodorina  Green ,Ear Lotion For Pets -100mlProduct Details :Ear lotion is a certified Bio product, enriched with tea tree and almond oil. Ideal to clean the auricle in depth and protect it from dirt and other irritants ...
SAR 65.00
Ex Tax: SAR 56.52
Brand: Inodorina Model: 2728
Inodorina  Green ,Eye Lotion For Pets -100mlProduct Details :WITH ALOE, CHAMOMILE AND WITCH HAZEL EXTRACTS . lotion is a certified Bio product enriched with Aloe, Chamomile and Witch Hazel extracts . Ideal to gently clean the external eye area of the dog and the cat ...
SAR 65.00
Ex Tax: SAR 56.52
Brand: Inodorina Model: 2766
Inodorina  Spray Districante With Linen Oil Cats-100mProduct Details :Inodorina Detangling Spray is ideal while brushing the cat’s fur to eliminate knots and make it soft and shiny. Fast and easy to apply it does not require rinsing...
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Brand: duvo+ Model: 181001
This knotted chewy bone is a delicious dog treat made of dried bovine hides. It also enhances the health of your dog's teeth.Satisfies dogs’ chewing instinctCow hideFor strong, healthy teeth..
SAR 32.00
Ex Tax: SAR 27.83
Brand: duvo+ Model: 181008
Satisfies dogs’ chewing instinctCow hideHelps promote healthy teethDelicious snack..
SAR 35.00
Ex Tax: SAR 30.43
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2107041100044144
litter shovelColor: pinkMaterial: plastic(for cats and dogs)Product MeasurementsCM size size size size One size 17 14 12 ..
SAR 20.70
Ex Tax: SAR 18.00
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