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Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2112039064639464
Shark shaped pet bedColor: grayMaterial: spongeProduct MeasurementsCMIN size length width height diameter One size 42 42 40 42..
SAR 131.10
Ex Tax: SAR 114.00
Brand: Simple Solution Model: SS90485
Simple Solution   Multi-surface Disinfectant  750mlPRODUCT DETAILSKills 99.99% of bacteria & virusesEffective against Coronavirus – passed EN 14476 against Coronavirus within 60 seconds.Effective against Norovirus, Feline Calicivirus, Influenza A (H1N1 Swine flu), Salmonella, Ringworm ..
SAR 66.00
Ex Tax: SAR 57.39
Brand: Simple Solution Model: SS10134
Simple Solution  Pet Hair & Lint RemoverPRODUCT DETAILS1 PadThe Hair and Lint Remover by Simple Solution is a long lasting sponge that can be used over and over again.The product works on any surface and there is no need for water.The Hair and Lint Remover by Simple Solution can be used to ..
SAR 60.00
Ex Tax: SAR 52.17
Brand: Simple Solution Model: SS91218
Simple Solution  Spot Spotter Flash Light UVPRODUCT DETAILSBattery-operated ultraviolet urine detectorReveals hidden or dried urine stains by illuminating the stains that are undetectable to the human eyeIdentifies the source of an odour so that it can be properly treated and removedFor best re..
SAR 135.00
Ex Tax: SAR 117.39
Simple Solution Hair Lift Gloves Simple Solution Hair Lift Gloves
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Brand: Simple Solution Model: SS10206
Simple Solution Hair Lift GlovesPRODUCT DETAILS1 PairRemove pet hair quickly and easilyEasier and more gentle than brushing your pet, great to use when pettingCan also be used on upholstery, bedding, clothes, rugs and carpets and in the carUse anywhere your pet sheds hairMachine washable..
SAR 35.00
Ex Tax: SAR 30.43
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2112015400988919
socks for petMaterial: Cotton(for cats and dogs)Product MeasurementsCMIN size length width M 7.5 3..
SAR 13.80
Ex Tax: SAR 12.00
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2112015400988919
socks for petsMaterial: Cotton(for cats and dogs) Product MeasurementsCMIN size length width M 7.5 3..
SAR 13.80
Ex Tax: SAR 12.00
Brand: duvo+ Model: 5414365274139
soft dog snack with lambHigh fresh meat content + 70%No artificial flavors or colorsProduced in the EUGluten free, GMO free and hypoallergenicIdeal training snack..
SAR 15.00
Ex Tax: SAR 13.04
Brand: Pakeway Model: A007A
Space Cat CarrierSuitable for long-distance use with urine buffer material.It has a comfortable handle that does not require any effort to hold it for a long time.High capacity.Easy to clean ...
SAR 145.00
Ex Tax: SAR 126.09
Brand: Mioanimale Model: Stainless steel pet hair comb
Stainless steel pet hair combColor: redMaterial: stainless steel(for cats and dogs)Product MeasurementsCM size length width One size 6.5 5.7..
SAR 9.20
Ex Tax: SAR 8.00
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sppet18210617255
tent for petColor: pinkMaterial: 100% polyester CM size length width height L 50 50 48..
SAR 98.90 SAR 124.20
Ex Tax: SAR 86.00
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2108313646384665
toy ball tennis for petsMaterial: rubberCM Size Diameter M 6.35..
SAR 23.00
Ex Tax: SAR 20.00
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