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Cat Grooming

Trixie care peds for eye surrounding area ,100 pcs
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Brand: TRIXIE Model: 293912
Trixie care peds for eye surrounding area ,100 pcsfor dogs, cats and other small animalswith nurturing cleaning lotion (aloe vera and provitamin B5)cleans gently from dust, dirt and contaminants..
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 293929
Trixie fingerlings for Ear care ,50 pcs..
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Brand: Mioanimale Model: 5190LBS
Deshedding Tool dog & catFor All Hairy Pets - Perfect for both large, medium, or small pets’ puppies and cats, from long to short coats with thick, wiry or curly hair, gently removing...
SAR 45.00
Ex Tax: SAR 39.13
Pet wipes
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Brand: biocenter Model: ybcw53567
Pet wipesNatural dog wipes with extra moisture and thickness are for dogs and cats' coats, paws, feet, butt and bodies. They can also be used as dog bath wipes.This grooming wipes for dogs & cats, puppies & kittens contain fresh Aloe vera & Vitamin E.Our cat wipes are natural.The doggie ..
SAR 30.00
Ex Tax: SAR 26.09
Brand: Bioline Model: 2389
Bioline  Cat Shampoo (Deshedding)-200mlProduct Details :Assists With the reduction of seasonal shedding of pet hairLeaves Your Cats Hair Smooth, Shiny And HealthyCombines Herb Extracts And A Variety Of VitaminsIt Prevents from static and knottingMaintains shiny and healthy caot..
SAR 32.00
Ex Tax: SAR 27.83
Brand: Bioline Model: 2388
Bioline  Cat Shampoo (Insect Repellent )-200mlProduct Details :This shampoo protects against damage caused by biting insects, using a mild formula of margosa extract. It can effectively relieve your cats irritation, making its coat healthy and shiny...
SAR 32.00
Ex Tax: SAR 27.83
Brand: Bioline Model: 2387
Bioline  Cat Shampoo (Multi Coloured Hair) - 200mlProduct Details :Ideal for multi-coloured cats. This shampoo adds a coconut oil derivative and a camomile extract to effectively nourish the hair and make your cat look clean and shiny...
SAR 32.00
Ex Tax: SAR 27.83
Brand: Bioline Model: 2386
Bioline  Cat Shampoo (White Coat) -200mlProduct Details :This shampoo add camomile extract and sunscreen,can effectively clean your cat hair stains,-Strengthens the natural colour of the cat's white or light-coloured hair- Makes coat soft, smooth and shiny...
SAR 32.00
Ex Tax: SAR 27.83
Brand: biocenter Model: PC300-BTM
BTM Professional pet hair cutting machineSuitable for cats & dogsCordless and rechargeable, charging for 3 hoursStainless steel blade Package included:Pet clippersPower Adapter (input power: 100-240V)Cleaning brush & oil2x Comb Attachments (3-6-9-12mm)..
SAR 195.00
Ex Tax: SAR 169.57
Brand: Mioanimale Model: 241-2
comb for petsColor: rose redMaterial: plasticProduct MeasurementsCMIN Size length width One size 14 5.5  CMIN Size length width One size 5.5..
SAR 20.70
Ex Tax: SAR 18.00
Brand: duvo+ Model: 12440
Duvo+  Flea & tick stop anti-parasite spray 200mlProduct Details :Effective against ticks, fleas, mites, and lice.For all dogs and cats from 3 months old.Can be sprayed directly onto the pet. Or onto baskets, chairs, carpets, etc.Lasts for up to 4 months.Both prevents and cures...
SAR 65.00
Ex Tax: SAR 56.52
Brand: TRIXIE Model: 25391
Flea and Tick Protection Powder for cats & dogssuitable for dogs and cats from 8 weeksactive ingredients: geraniol, lavender, icaridinrepellent effect against fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoesto be applied directly onto the pet..
SAR 59.00
Ex Tax: SAR 51.30
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