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Brand: TRIXIE Model: 4011905041933
Trixie Suckling Bottle Set 75mlSuckling Bottle Setwith bottle brush and 3 silicone teatscapacity 57 ml..
SAR 25.00
Ex Tax: SAR 21.74
Brand: Mioanimale Model: 5190LBS
Deshedding Tool dog & catFor All Hairy Pets - Perfect for both large, medium, or small pets’ puppies and cats, from long to short coats with thick, wiry or curly hair, gently removing...
SAR 45.00
Ex Tax: SAR 39.13
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2112136178211671
 Glasses Frameblack colorFor cats and dogsProduct MeasurementsCMIN size length width One size 12.5 12.2..
SAR 6.90
Ex Tax: SAR 6.00
Kittens Milk 250ml
Best Selling
Brand: KIT CAT Model: kc-2521
Kittens Milk 250mlBrand: Kit Cat100% Natural Milk for KittenSize: 250mlKit Cat milk is 100% natural, contains taurine and is suitable for kittens up to 12 months. Free of preservatives, dyes and lactose. After opening it should be kept in the refrigerator and be consumed within 3 days. The product i..
SAR 12.00
Ex Tax: SAR 10.43
Brand: Pakeway Model: FW-A002
Pet Feeder & Drinking Bowls2 large capacity Spacious and can be used by several cats at the same time .automatic water refilling device .It looks attractive and the colors are beautiful .cleaning easy ...
SAR 110.00
Ex Tax: SAR 95.65
Pet Foot Washing Cup Pet Foot Washing Cup
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Brand: biocenter Model: RJ825-L
Easy to operate, convenient and practical. Removable and easy to clean.Soft and delicate silicone material, gentle and friendly touch, will not make pets feel repulsive.360 ° no dead angle, easily remove dirt on the surface and claw seams.Universal for both cats and dogs.Large size: 149mm (height) *..
SAR 40.00
Ex Tax: SAR 34.78
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2111013344449061
Wall-mounted Pet Bowls Wall-mounted Pet Bowls 2 Dog Bowl Adjustable Height Water and Food Feeder Bowls for Feeding Small Medium Large Dogs Cats PuppiesMaterial: plasticCM size length width height One size 26 1..
SAR 28.75 SAR 36.80
Ex Tax: SAR 25.00
Brand: Mioanimale Model: 303
Automatic Feeder & Drinker For Cats & DogsProduct Details :Great for dropping water and wet or dry food .Removable bowl for easy maintenance . Double Cat/Dog Bowl: 2-in-1 pet feeder bowl design, One PP resin liner bowl and another plastic bowl with automatic water bottle for drinking, i..
SAR 110.00
Ex Tax: SAR 95.65
Brand: Mioanimale Model: 5011-F
Automatic Feeder or Drinker For Cats & DogsProduct Details :Great for dropping water and wet or dry foodRemovable bowl for easy maintenance..
SAR 45.00
Ex Tax: SAR 39.13
Brand: beaphar Model: 11089
Beaphar  Calming Home Spray 125mlProduct Details :Beaphar Calming Home Spray is formulated with soothing Valerian to promote natural relaxation and feelings of calm, helping cats to feel more settled in strange or stressful environments. Designed for use around the home...
SAR 69.00
Ex Tax: SAR 60.00
Brand: beaphar Model: 12498
beaphar  Multi Vit + Taurine Laveta Super Cat-50mlProduct Details :Multi-Vit Cat is a product specially developed to combat constant hair loss in cats. It reduces the inconvenience of constant hair loss on clothing, furniture, carpets etc...
SAR 55.00
Ex Tax: SAR 47.83
Brand: Mioanimale Model: sp2201068263768856
bed for pet Velvet ballsColor: grayMaterial: Cotton 100% (for cats and dogs)CM size lentgh width height L 40 40 31 ..
SAR 177.10
Ex Tax: SAR 154.00
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